They say love hurts.

If you ask me, love is the best feeling. Its about caring, being there for the other. Its about fighting and getting back in one peice. Its about feeling comfortable being with the other person. The feeling of home. Its about sacrifices and adjustments.

Love is having the faith that the other person would still be there in your life, even if there is no regular contact. Love is the emotional bond that one creates with the other being.

What hurts is giving so much of yourself to the other being, and not getting much in return.

Being taken for granted hurts.

Being left alone when you need your partner for emotional support, thats when it hurts.

It hurts when you are cheated on.

When the other one decides to leave in the mid way, thats when it hurts.
Because we all expect it to stay permanent.

We have painted a colourful painting of the future, but there comes a storm and the painting is lost.

And thats when it hurts.